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About us

As a homeowner you may not know how important it is to keep your attic clean, especially because its location in the house can sometimes cause us to forget about it and its condition. Therefore, checking the attic on a regular basis can help you ensure it stays clean and when it is time, to call professionals to clean it for you. Our company offers local attic cleaning services in California that will help you restore organization to your attic, and to keep it clean. For your convenience, we offer both residential services and commercial solutions.

Cleaning Down to the Last Details

Among our services you'll find not only cleaning services, but also decontamination solutions and mold removal services, to help you get rid of bacterial infestations around your attic or to prevent them in the first place, and by doing so to keep your home healthy for you and your family. These services will not be complete without professional rodent proofing solutions which we also deliver.

Does Your House's Attic Need Its Insulation replaced? No Problem!

Our experience has taught us that most attics are in bad condition, aren’t properly sealed, and as a result, are exposed to dust accumulation, wetness and other damages. That's why we also offer our attic insulation services, including the removal of the old material and the installation new insulation, by our trained and experienced professionals.

Helping You with Air-Conditioning the House Easily

Another service we offer will allow you to cool or heat your home more easily. Radiant barrier installation, will prevent heat transfer in and out of your attic, meaning you can gain better control over the heat coming into the house or leaving it and as a result, better control over its air-conditioning. For example, if it is an extremely hot day outside and your air conditioning is working hard in order to cool down the house, the radiant barrier will not allow warm air to enter into the house from the outside.

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