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You really shouldn’t ignore this page, because it contains valuable advice on attic cleaning. Use our years of experience to your advantage and take a look at the tips we’ve prepared for you.

Check your attic for signs of pests regularly

If you hear scampering at night or notice a smell when you're near your attic's entrance, it's definitely time to look in and see if you have unwelcome guests. Rodents are easy to find indications of, as there will likely be droppings and clumps of materials that they've made a nest with. You may also spot gnawing marks on wood and belongings. Insects are a bit harder to find clues of, but you may notice bodies of them around windows in particular.

A radiant barrier can keep your home cooler

Hot summer months can lead to unpleasantly high energy bills thanks to all the air conditioning. What can you do? Consider having a radiant barrier installed! It's a fast, simple procedure that causes the sun's rays to bounce away from your home, rather than let them in to cause the temperature to rise. It will naturally help the house be cooler overall, and you won't need to run the air conditioner as frequently. Less energy spending and comfort all in one easy step!

Check your attic for mold

It's important to know as soon as possible if mold is starting to spread in your attic, as it not only eats through wood and belongings, but it's spores can get into your household and pose a health hazard. It's best to check your attic periodically for any indication that it's becoming an issue, though you may want to wear a face mask just in case it has. Look for discoloration, such as green or brown staining, and a mildew smell will also be present.


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